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25 Years of Excellence

Clio with more than 25 years of experience has been building memories with customers since 1993; Clio has relied upon the bounty of the fashion world for the precious materials that give form and life to all the designs.

Marble Surface

Leadership at Clio

Afshin Mehdizadeh is an Iranian Founder and CEO at Clio. He established the company at 2002 with the goal to bring beauty and confidence to those using Clio products. He is also the leader of designer groups, a team with tens of designers who work hard to make Clio a creative brand in jewellery industry. Afshin with more than 25 years hands on experience teaches jewellery design to younger interested and talented individuals. He believes that the young generation can continue his path with modern ideas.


Unit 9, No. 71, East Maryam Street, Fereshteh Avenue, Elahiyeh, Tehran, Iran


Tel: +98 21 22025318

Fax: +98 21 22025397


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